Our company specialises in various areas as follows.

Corporate Companies
The Corporate Division services commercial clients with annual gross revenues in excess of $20 million. We use our diverse industry resources to broker according to market trends and statutory requirements. Where required to do so we engage specialists to compliment our services. These can range from business interruption reviews to policy reviews.
We approach multiple insurance markets with our clients’ specific exposures and insurance requirements in mind. These results consists of the most competitive policy terms, conditions, and premium.
SME Companies
Our SME Division manages insurance programs for companies with less than $20 million in total declared values. Our objective is to provide the same kind of service that our larger clients receive on a daily basis. We coordinate all insurance coverage, field client questions personally, and are active in the resolution of claims. Many of our clients view us as an extension of their company most notably in the area of risk management. They rely on us to perform contract reviews, provide counsel on coverage options, and to administer every aspect of their insurance program.
Our SME Division works to maintain longstanding relationships with the leading insurance companies. We use those relationships to the benefit our clients; matching their exposures and insurance requirements to insurers offering the most competitive policy terms, conditions, and premium. Upon instructions, we immediately bind coverage, provide certificates of insurance, and send the client policies and endorsements via electronic delivery.
Professional Risks
We utilise specialists in these classes of insurance due to the nature of these policies. Unlike other policies these are claim made policies which differ substantially from claims occurrence policies.
Whilst there are numerous suppliers of these products you will find that we are conservative in our approach taking numerous factors such as insurer track records in claims settlement, standing in the market, ability to negotiate and policy wordings into consideration.We offer various products which fall under this category most notably the following:

  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Management Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Cyber Risks Insurance
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Investment Managers Insurance
  • Crime
Private Clients
Our Private Client Services is a leading provider of insurance for affluent individuals and families in Australia and if required in other parts of the world. Our success is driven by our focus on personalised client service and our ability to ensure that coverage is comprehensive and up-to-date.
We recognise the sensitivities and complexities associated with insuring our clients’ most personal possessions which includes art works, jewelry and antiques. We believe that the risks associated with your assets are comparable to those faced by commercial companies.Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of our business. We are available to provide regular review sessions, either annually, bi-annually, quarterly or as and when required. This is designed to identify and respond to changes required. Our goal is to understand client objectives, prevent losses before they occur, and to mitigate the variety of risks that can lead to financial lossClaims management is an integral part of any personal insurance program. At the time of loss, we will assist our clients with reporting their claim and will act as a personal client advocate, will guide you through the claims process from beginning to end and negotiate with insurers if required to do so.

Products for Private Clients include amongst others:

  • Prestige Home and Contents
  • Prestige Motor
  • Pleasure Craft
  • Landlords
  • Art Collections.

We have the ability to transact with clients who have global programs whereby we partner with a broker in for e.g USA, Asia or South Africa to co-ordinate their international exposure.

International risks can encompass all lines of insurance. We use our proven global relationships to access the resources and technology needed to service clients worldwide.

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